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For the last two years my family and I have enjoyed Racha Thai as an affordable Thai restaurant. Lately however the food quality has declined, and our last visit showed us that service and customers mean nothing to them. I recently hurt myself and have been unable to go out. My wife and I decided to call in an order to Racha Thai in Clackamas. What a mistake. We called in the order, had to clarify our order THREE times but thought we finally got it right.

When my wife arrived, the order was wrong. No surprise. When she pointed this out, the waitress actually told my wife SHE was mistaken! After a few minutes of arguing, they finally agreed to take back the wrong dish and cook the correct dish. As she was walking away, the waitress sys under her breathe "This is what you get we you call in the wrong order".

When my wife told me of this experience, I promptly called the restaurant to inform them of this horrible excuse they call customer service. I was transferred to the "manager". She proceeds to tell me it was my fault and not hers. Thinking I was speaking to the wrong person, I ask to speak with the owner (whom she said was the only person who could do anything).

I was promptly disrespected by the "owner" telling me that WE cost him money by ordering the wrong food and demanding another order. He then proceeds to tell me that he doesn't care about my business and that my wife simply doesn't understand how to order properly.

This establishment is a poor excuse of a restaurant. I have never been given a lecture when a company has made a mistake. I wasn't asking for a free dinner, I just wanted to let them know how blaming the customer is not the type of customer service that ensures long term customer growth.

Maybe it is the cultural differences. However treating people they way they treated us (loyal customers) is inexcusable and cannot be tolerated. Do not visit this establishment. They have poor conflict resolution management and clearly only care about the bottom line.

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